Visa, Santander auto loans: Santander Auto Loan Calculator – Bankrate

Visa, the world’s largest online payment service, has partnered with Santander Auto Loans, a mortgage lender, to offer the first auto loan calculator with both free and premium options.The site has partnered up with the bank to provide a new way to make payments and to make savings.The new calculator can be found here: =email-content#.V4j5JyP5tB […]

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How to calculate interest payments on a loan

An interest payment calculator is here to help you calculate how much you’ll need to pay on your loan, and to help calculate how long you’ll have to pay it off before your home will qualify for a HELOC.Loan interest calculator article A calculator is a useful tool for estimating how much interest you’ll pay […]

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How to get your loan calculator right

The National Geographic Education team has developed a tool that allows you to calculate your mortgage and loan payment.If you don’t have a calculator, you can find out your loan payment here.You’ll find that if you have a good credit score and are paying on time, your mortgage payment is going to be lower.You can […]

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Which banks can get FHA loans?

FHA mortgages can be purchased by individuals or by banks for up to $450,000.But that can be pricey, and borrowers with the federal government’s limited FHA loan forgiveness program can still lose out.And if you don’t qualify for the federal FHA Loan Adjustment Program, you’re at a much higher risk of having your FHA mortgage […]

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What you need to know about EIDL loans

Loan forgiveness for borrowers who qualify for EIDl loans is the new normal.It was the law of the land before the election, but there are some caveats.First, it depends on your income.If you’re under 50, you qualify for a maximum of $25,000, but that’s still not enough to qualify for the full loan forgiveness.Second, the […]

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