When is your credit score expected to go down?

The credit score that a consumer has to show to a bank or lender will be taken as “credit history,” a statistical reference to a person’s ability to repay debts.For example, if your credit scores are in the upper 70s, you might not have much trouble with a mortgage, because you can pay it off […]

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How to pay your student loan with a credit card

Credit card companies are trying to find ways to get more people to sign up for student loans with their credit cards.That’s especially true for private loans.Here’s how to pay for your student loans using credit cards that come with the FHA, SBA, or other federal loan programs.What is student loan debt?Student debt is a […]

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How to save on college tuition if you don’t work

I was a student in college for one semester.I was on a debt-free, fixed income.After that, I lost my job.When my debt went away, my credit score improved, but it wasn’t great.So, I applied for an extension on my loan.That meant my loan payments would decrease.At the same time, my payments would increase.The longer I […]

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How to get a car loan from your local lender

You can easily calculate the interest rate for a loan by looking at the loan payoff calculator.That way, you can save money by reducing your monthly payments or taking out a smaller loan.For example, if you want to borrow $1,000 a month for two years, you might pay $600.With the calculator, you could calculate the […]

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Why you need to know the latest auto loan rates

Lenders are trying to lower their loan rates and get consumers to take out auto loans, but some borrowers still face higher fees than others.Here are some important points about auto loan terms:How much does it cost?The monthly interest rate for most auto loans ranges from about 2.5% to 7.5%, depending on the type of […]

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