What you need to know about a new student loan bill in India

What you should know about the government’s student loan reform package on March 17, 2018.1.What is student loan debt?2.What are the proposed new rules?3.How is it calculated?4.What does it mean to be a student loan borrower?5.What’s the difference between debt repayment and deferment?6.What happens to students who default on their student loans?7.What about private loans?8.What […]

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Why student loan repayment will go away by 2021

When it comes to student loan payments, you’ll need to work harder than ever to avoid bankruptcy.That’s according to a new report from Credit Suisse that predicts the number of borrowers who’ll owe more on their student loans will continue to grow.In a report titled “How Debt-Driven Borrowers Are Driving Up Their Borrowing Debt,” the […]

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How to avoid loan forgiveness

You can get free loan forgiveness from a commercial lender or student loan lender if you have a debt from a student loan, or if you’ve defaulted on a commercial loan.But if you can’t afford the loan, there’s a way to get it back.Student loan forbearances have become popular in recent years, and you can […]

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How to apply for a personal loan with FAFSA

Discover personal loans and get an instant mortgage with a FAFSSA.FAFSCSA is a program that allows people to borrow money for personal, not business, purposes.The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) is the Federal Reserve System for loans that are not federally guaranteed.It can be used for home loans, student loans, auto loans, credit […]

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