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Floor Mats Boost Safety and Productivity

We frequently think of floor mats in terms of keeping your facility’s floors clean and protected, but the correct floor matting system can also improve your employees’ safety and comfort. Anti-fatigue floor mats help minimize body weariness and foot stress while improving overall safety and healthy blood circulation if your employees spend a significant amount of time standing each day.

Keeping Workers Safe

Anti-fatigue floor mats, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), are especially beneficial in commercial and industrial environments and can help avoid illnesses and injuries caused by standing in one position for long periods at work. In a Productivity Study conducted in 1998, the usage of anti-fatigue mats was proven to reduce absenteeism from over 5% to 4%. Productivity increased by nearly 2% in the same year!

A Wide Range of Alternatives

Mats are composed of a range of materials, including PVC tubes, vinyl, nit riles rubber, and PVC closed-cell foam, and some are tailored to specific work situations. Some forms of the safety matting, for example, have excellent traction and are resistant to caustic substances such as solvents.

Anti-fatigue floor matting is categorized into two groups in general. Solid mats provide great protection against accidents, falls, and slips in dry spaces, whereas drainage mats with underneath knobs and slanted holes are perfect for wet areas because they enable debris and water to fall through.

Although no matting system can eliminate all slip and fall hazards in the workplace, the correct sort of safety or anti-fatigue matting can greatly improve workplace safety while also increasing employee comfort. When you use anti-fatigue matting, your employees will have less bodily tiredness, stress, and pain, making them safer and more productive.

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Cleaning To Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries

A writer recalled his terrible fall on a slick floor on Christmas Eve last year in an essay. He pondered on everything he’d learned about slip and fall accidents over the years, including how cleaning is the key to preventing them, after 19 stitches and three days in the hospital.

Nearly a million ER visits are caused by slips and fall each year, but by following these recommendations, you may lessen the risk in your institution.

Matting That’s a Must-Have

Installing high-performance floor matting across your business can help to reduce the amount of moisture, debris, grease, and oil that is tracked on the soles of shoes. All entryways should have fifteen feet of matting, and we’d be pleased to work with you to design a unique floor matting system that meets your demands and fits your budget.

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Emphasis on footwear

Slip-resistant shoes should be worn by your janitorial workers at all times while on the job. Anyone who works on greasy or wet floors, such as food service workers, housekeepers, and custodial staff, can improve their safety by wearing the appropriate footwear.

Concentrate Your Energy on Cleaning

Safe floors are clean floors. Instead of mopping and bucketing, we strongly advise using automatic floor scrubbers. Auto scrubbers clean and dry your floors in one pass, reducing the danger of slip-and-fall accidents.

The foundation of your facility’s safety is its floors. We are delighted to propose the best cleaning and floor care products in Boston to maintain your area safe and prevent slip-and-fall mishaps. Get in touch with us right away to find out more!


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