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The complete honeymoon guide to the Key West

Key West is one of the most popular wedding locations in the world, with a broad range of outdoor and interior settings. Couples may start their lives together while standing barefoot in the warm sea and watching a beautiful sunset. You may even be married on a catamaran, a vintage schooner, or a luxury boat. A beautiful wedding in an extravagant resort, in the aromatic surroundings of a verdant garden, or in one of the city’s historic mansions are other unforgettable possibilities.

Where can I stay?

Finding a spot to rest and unwind after the hustle and bustle of wedding festivities has passed is never a problem in Key West. There are charming bed & breakfasts in ancient houses, opulent all-inclusive seaside resorts, and everything in between. The moorings, located on the grounds of a former coconut plantation, provide secluded cottages for people seeking peace and quiet. When booking your lodgings, you may choose among hotels with facilities such as huge soaking tubs, isolated private pools, and gorgeous porches that will make your stay more pleasurable.

Romantic activities

Hand in hand, enjoy the sunset

Each day of your honeymoon should end with a magnificent sunset. You may join other lovers for the daily sunset celebration street fair, or you can sail out into the Gulf of Mexico on a private champagne sunset cruise with fury water adventures.

Spend an exciting day on the water

Depending on your inclination for outdoor activities, rental property Key West has a plethora of opportunities to explore the stunning natural surroundings. In addition to snorkeling or diving, you may explore the colorful underwater world of North America‚Äôs only live coral reef on a specially crafted glass-bottom boat. On a kayak excursion or aboard a rented boat, explore the untouched backcountry’s mangrove forests and tidal marshes. Try your hand at deep-sea fishing or swimming with dolphins. Whatever watersport you choose, you’ll be making memories with your adventure partner.

Take in some rays

Nothing screams romance like a sunset picnic, which has one of the island’s quietest beaches. Higgs Beach is a gay-friendly and boisterous destination. Smathers Beach is popular among younger people. Sign up for a range of water activities, such as tandem parasailing, if you want a more active honeymoon. Ride a high-speed catamaran to an offshore sandbar for a variety of water sports including swimming, snorkeling, and jet skiing, or set sail on a replica schooner driven by the wind. You may also organize your own day trip by renting a boat or a convertible for a lovely drive along the Overseas Highway.

Key West, being the southernmost point in the mainland United States, provides honeymooners with an eclectic mix of possibilities for couples of all types. You may have exciting days and nights packed with crazy adventures, or you can have a tranquil and pleasant vacation filled with warm beaches, beautiful garden strolls, and island history. Key West, with its slogan “One Human Family,” welcomes any couple looking to celebrate their wedding and make memories that last a lifetime.


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