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2023 Malta Visit: Reasons

Travel will boom in 2022. The Mediterranean Archipelago made up of Malta, Gozo, and Comino is replete with reasons for Brits to come to Europe’s sunniest location. Malta has collected together 21 reasons why the location should be on every vacation bucket list in 2022, including Michelin-starred cuisine, 300 days of sunshine, 7,000-year-old history and legacy, and plenty of recreational activities.

1. Michelin-Starred Restaurants Galore

The epidemic has prevented tourists from visiting Malta’s three Michelin-starred restaurants, Noni, Under Grain, and De Mondion. In February 2020, these three restaurants were the first in Malta’s history to get Michelin stars, reinforcing the country’s gastronomic reputation. For those who appreciate great dining, 2021 will be the right moment to visit Malta to honor its exceptional chefs. In February 2021, Michelin will return to the Archipelago to award more stars.

2. Stars Taste History

Malta Tourism Authority cooperated with Heritage Malta’s Taste History project, Noni, Under Grain, and De Mondion to reproduce historical meals that convey the narrative of their restaurant or site. Papiri’Gentile Selection’ pays respect to the eating of pasta at Dominican Priory, Duo of Local Hunted Rabbit commemorates the Knights’ hunting of hares surrounding Mdina, and Malefanti Pasta Octopus Tagine is a 300-year-old baking heritage of lower Valletta. “The program combines a rich gastronomic experience and Malta’s distinctive heritage,” says Malta’s tourism minister.

3. Vegan/Vegetarian Holiday Dream

Malta has many vegan and vegetarian restaurants, recipes, and chefs. From a Gozo Picnic to vegan spaghetti and sweets at Pash & Jimmy’s Café to Valletta’s healthy café No. 43, an eclectic hangout in Gugar with a library and art gallery for emerging artists, the Maltese islands show vegan and vegetarian food never needs to lack creativity or flavor.

4. Traditional Farming’s Resurgence

Young Maltese farmers are restoring historic practices, traditional foods, and the local black bee. Young farmers are blending old and new approaches to put Maltese delicacies back on menus. From Jorge, the amateur beekeeper to The Veg Box, started by Emanuela and Lucas, and community-supported farming launched by Cane and Cassandra just a year ago, diners can taste home-grown ingredients at the island’s three Michelin star restaurants of Noni, De Mondion, and Undergrain, Verbena, Townhouse No.3 Bahia, Madiliena Lodge, Briju, to name a few.

5. Bring A Suitcase Because You Can’t Buy Maltese Wine In The UK

Malta is a great place for wine sampling because you can’t buy it in the UK. The newly launched Wine Trail plans out the best wine-sampling holiday in Malta and Gozo. Ta’Betta, a family-run winery, offers tours and tastings for €75 per person.

6. Take A Multi-Generational Or Small-Group Trip

Families and friends are planning multi-generational travels in 2021 to make up for a lost time in 2020. Malta features farmhouses in Gozo and a city-center hotel in Valletta Malta. James Villas, Tui Villas, and Oliver’s Travels sell Archipelago villas.


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