Hong Kong Student Travel Tips To Consider

Arriving in Hong Kong can be a maze of activities, making it easy to feel overwhelmed. To ensure you make the most of your visit, we’ve compiled some top tips for students traveling here – making sure they make the most of their experience.

First and foremost, you should obtain an Octopus card, which is the ideal way to use Hong Kong’s MTR system. You can purchase one at either the airport or any MRT station. And with the student flights offer coming from Cathay Pacific, the flight is nothing to worry about.

1. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a must-see attraction in Hong Kong and an essential stop on any student trip to the city. From its summit, you can get breathtaking views of Hong Kong from above – truly unique perspectives of our vibrant cityscape!

There are several ways to reach the summit – including taking a tram ride which is popular with tourists. Be prepared for an extended journey and expect to wait in line. To avoid crowds, it’s best to visit the peak early in the morning if possible.

Another option is to take a taxi or bus up to the top. Alternatively, those with more physical stamina can also hike there.

You can combine some of these methods to make the experience even more pleasurable. For instance, if you take the escalators up Conduit Road then start climbing Old Peak Road until you reach the summit of the hill there.

If you decide to embark on a hike, be sure to bring along a map and some waterproof footwear. Don’t forget your camera either – this is an ideal opportunity to capture some stunning shots of the city from above!

Finally, don’t miss catching a glimpse of Victoria Harbour at night. It is an impressive sight and popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

When it comes to food, Hong Kong offers some of the finest cuisine on offer! Enjoy traditional Dai Pai Dong experiences as well as some more unique culinary creations available here.

Hong Kong boasts an array of restaurants, but some of the most renowned are situated around Kowloon peninsula. This peninsula is home to Kowloon – Hong Kong’s most populous area – as well as many shopping districts in the city.

2. Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is the ideal getaway from the city life. Situated on Hong Kong Island’s southern shoreline, this beach is known for its sandy shores and high-end residential housing developments. As such, it has become a popular tourist destination.

Repulse Bay is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic beaches, featuring some of the city’s most luxurious residential apartments and yachts. It’s a safe and well-kept beach with lifeguards on duty throughout the season.

This beach is popular due to its beautiful, clean sand. Families and swimmers can have fun in the sun here, plus there are plenty of facilities like changing rooms and toilets as well as playground equipment – all for free use! The best part? The beach is completely public!

Repulse Bay’s Stanley Market is a must-visit area. It is included on most Hong Kong tour agencies’ itineraries as an ideal shopping spot for souvenirs and clothing items from both west and east. Stanley Market boasts numerous shops and stalls offering products from both sides of the divide.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in this area, one being The Verandah – owned by Peninsula and serving delectable continental cuisine with stunning views of the bay. It has an elegant ambiance as well.

Lunch or tea on the beachfront at Meen& Rice is an ideal spot to catch up with friends and loved ones. For some local fare, Meen& Rice, a casual Cantonese eatery with an oceanfront promenade, offers various dishes from noodles to barbecued meats.

The Bay’s lifeguard temple complex is a must-see. Couples will enjoy taking pictures here as the Longevity Bridge passes over it.

You’ll find plenty of attractions in and around this area, from a Chinese-style museum to an amusement park. Take a leisurely walk with friends or loved ones here, or just enjoy some swimming for some relaxation.

3. Lamma Island

If you’re in search of a change of scene from the bustling city centre, take a ferry ride to Lamma Island. Just 20 minutes away by ferry from Hong Kong Island, this charming fishing village is one of the best outlying islands to visit in this region.

Hong Kong’s “back garden,” is a well-kept secret that offers plenty of relaxation for those seeking an alternative holiday from the bustling metropolis. With hiking trails, beaches and plenty of restaurants to explore, this area of Hong Kong makes for an excellent getaway.

Yung Shue Wan’s main street is lined with bars, shops and cafes where you can enjoy fresh seafood while sipping on a cold beer. Plus there are several budget hotels like Bali Holiday Resort or Concerto Inn at Hung Shing Ye Beach for accommodation needs.

For a more cultural GatG, pay a visit to Lamma Fisherfolks’ Village and learn about traditional fishing methods used here. It’s an absolute must-see for all history enthusiasts!

Another fun activity to try in Fort Myers is eating at one of the many excellent seafood restaurants. A must-visit for any seafood connoisseur! Waterfront Restaurant, for instance, offers a wide range of dishes like rainbow fish, lobster and Jackie shrimp.

For an unforgettable view of traditional fishing practices and some graffiti art on a fish farm raft, head over to SokKwu Wan. This area is perfect for photographers as there are plenty of birds flying around these rafts.

Tin Hau temple is another excellent option for taking a stroll and admiring its impressive sculptures and murals. This temple stands out from other Chinese structures with two stone lions at its entrance instead of traditional Chinese dragons.

For even more shopping, the SokKwu Wan pier offers an array of shops selling souvenirs, clothes and local products. Additionally, there are several restaurants to choose from such as Lamma Rainbow restaurant where you can savor fresh seafood like rainbow fish.

4. Kowloon Wall

Hong Kong, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, offers travelers an exciting destination. No matter if you’re an experienced traveler or an international student, there is plenty to see and do here in this vibrant city. Fortunately, there are some easy and budget-friendly ways to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Before you embark on your trip to Hong Kong, make sure your passport and visa are stamped. Furthermore, an International Student Identity Card (ISI Card) can be acquired for discounts at hotels, museums, and trains in both Hong Kong and Macau.

Prior to your trip, it would be beneficial to learn some Cantonese. This will enable you to communicate with locals more easily, especially if visiting some of Hong Kong’s smaller areas.

Start learning Cantonese online with lessons and resources, or practice with an instructor from your university. Knowing some Cantonese will make your trip to Hong Kong that much more enjoyable, plus it could come in handy if you need to make any special requests. With some knowledge of the language, learning Cantonese could not only make the experience of traveling there more enjoyable but also useful for business purposes.

Once your lessons are over, it’s time to explore Hong Kong. Be sure to bring along some comfortable shoes and clothing as temperatures can soar in Hong Kong during summer.

Kowloon Wall should be your next stop on your Hong Kong itinerary. This former military command center was used as a strategic position during the late 19th century and remains one of the most popular tourist spots today, both for its fascinating history and tranquil green park.

It can be hard to envision that Kowloon Wall once housed gangs, drugs and fugitives within its walls. Yet this is the story that will always be told and lived by those who had the chance to call this fortified city home.

Discover Hong Kong’s fascinating history at the Museum of History, located in Central. Here, you can take a stroll through its expansive exhibits to gain an insight into how this part of the world developed and shaped its people throughout time.

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