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Mallard ducks square measure the foremost common and recognizable wild ducks within the hemisphereyou will find them close to ponds, marshes, streams, and lakes, wherever they kill plants, invertebrates, fish, and insects. Mallards square measure dabbling, or surface-feeding, ducks as a result of they eat by tipping underwater for food—head down, feet and tail within the air—rather than diving. Mallards additionally forage and graze for food onto land.

The male duck duck, referred to as a drake, sports a shiny inexperienced head, a white ring around its neck and a fashionable, chestnut-brown breast. The patterned brown feminine duck appearance downright boring next to the male’s showy feathers.

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The duck duck’s outer feathers square measure waterproof, due to oil that’s secreted from a organ close to the tail. below this tightly packed waterproof layer of feathers lies a soft, heat layer of feathers referred to as down. doublea year, mallards molt, or shed, their flight feathers,
temporarily grounding the birds for many weeks till the feathers grow back.

Mallards fly in teams referred to as flocks. Like most migratory birds, mallards fly within the noted V formation. throughout winter migration, mallards fly south in search of heat weather, typically resting at an equivalent spots year when year. Migrating mallards will travel nice distances, counting on rivers, coasts, and valleys to search outtheir means.

feminine duck lays up to a dozen eggs in nests on the bottom close to water, typically in a very little depression or tree hole. She lines the nest with heat down plucked from her undercoat. shortly when birth, baby ducks, referred to as ducklings, open their eyes. a touch quite every day when hatching, ducklings will run, swim, and forage for food on their own. They keep within the nest for fewer than a month. a bunch of ducklings is termed a brood. Outside the nest, the brood sticks available the mother for safety, typically following behind her in a veryneat, single-file line


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