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information about chicken


The humble chicken is assumed to originate from the red gallina and also the gray gallina, found within therainforests of Asian country. Today, the domestic chicken is assumed to be additional closely associated with the gray gallina thanks to the yellow colouring of its skin. though they’re similar, the Indian gallina is regarding [*fr1]the dimensions of a domestic chicken nowadays.

The chicken was thought to be domesticated over ten,000 years past wherever the Indians and later the Vietnamese bred chickens for meat, feathers and eggs. The domestication of chickens is assumed to possess then unfold chop-chop across Asia and into Europe and Africa leading to the chicken being the foremost wide farmed animal nowadays.

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There area unit thought to be a minimum of twenty five billion chickens worldwide, that is that the highest population of any bird within the world. The chicken sometimes gets to regarding forty cm tall and astonishingly, the chicken is one in all the species of bird that’s not terribly made as so much as flying cares. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds and also the longest recorded distance is 301.5 feet.

The male chicken is usually remarked as a rooster however is thought as a chicken in some countries like Australia. A feminine chicken is termed a hen and also the very littledowny yellow babies area unit referred to as chicks. Chickens will live for up to four or five years within the wild however several commercially farmed chickens sometimes don’t exceed the age of 1several chickens are familiar to measure for extended and also thepreviousest recorded chicken was aforementioned to measure till it had been sixteen years old.

Chickens area unit all-devouring animals which means that they eat a mix of plant and animal matter. thoughchickens area unit ordinarily seen scratching on the bottom in search of seeds, berries and insects, chickens have additionally been familiar to eat larger animals like lizards and even little mice.

Chickens area unit simple prey for various predators together with foxes, cats, dogs, racoons, snakes and even massive rats. Chicken eggs also are a awfully fashionable snack for several of those animals and also are purloinedby alternative animals together with larger birds and weasels.

Chickens area unit unbroken by humans for his or her meat and eggs. Breeders tend to stay differing kinds of chicken for these completely different functions and meat chickens can typically solely reach three months previous before they’re killed, that is why it’s crucial that chicken eaters make sure that the chicken they’re uptakehas had the most effective existence potential in it’s few months of life. constant principle applies to the egg laying|laying|parturition|birth|giving birth|birthing} chickens with the standard business hen laying around three hundred eggs in one year. After that, the hens tend to begin giving birth fewer eggs and area unit usually killed by their stock breeder.

Chickens area unit terribly sociable birds and area unit at their happiest once encircled by alternative chickens. In one chicken flock, there are often any variety of hens however usually only 1 rooster WHO is that the dominant male. The dominant rooster pushes alternative cockerels out of their flock after they begin changing intosufficiently big to be a threat to him. The dominant male is sometimes the pairing partner for all of the hens that he watches over.

Chicken is one in all the foremost widespread meats within the world with varied cultures having their own special ways that to organize and eat chickens. The UK’s commonest dish is roast chicken, the USA’s commonest dish is cooked chicken and in China, they use each a part of the chicken together with their feet that area unit ordinarilyfound in soup.

There has been an excellent deal of media attention centered on chickens within the previous few years, chieflyregarding the welfare of commercially farmed chickens. Intensive farming happens round the world wherever meat chickens area unit force-fed and packed in a very shed with many thousands of alternative chickens typically with no free house for the chickens to steer around. parturition chickens area unit surround small cages and area unitslaughtered after they now not turn out as several eggs as they accustomed. The conditions that intensively farmed chickens sleep in area unit totally repellingthat is why chicken lovers ought to pass some further pennies for organic or free vary meat and eggs, to make sure that the chicken has had a decent quality of life


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