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8 facts that will make you go cuckoo for chickens


Most of these UN agency are lucky enough to adopt a chook have an inclination to fall comb-over-claw for them, and if you’re ever lucky to actually get to grasp a chicken, you’ll perceive why. Here square measure some of the explanations why chickens leave a mark on the hearts of their human friends:
Researchers have shown that once a hen’s chicks become distressed – she will, too! Her heart starts beating quicker and she’ll increase vocalisations to her very little ones.
Ever dreamt you may fly? It in all probability would have happened throughout rapid eye movementthat is related to dreaming. Birds expertise REM too … what does one suppose they’d dream about?
Some of US like finding a quiet corner to browse, others wish to be the lifetime of the party – and chooks square measure identical (minus the book and therefore the DJ). each chicken has her own likes and dislikes, and favoritethings to try to to in her spare time. There square measure in factthe straightforward pleasures in life that all of them relish sharing — like sunshine, contemporary air and a heat and cozy place to sleep.
A recent study has shown that chickens square measure intelligent and emotional animals, and square measureready to “demonstrate thinking skills on par with mammals and primates”. If you’re taking AN object aloof from a chicken, they’re going to still understand it’s there — this can be one thing even young human children are notready to do. Take it from very little Miss Sunshine (pictured) – who’s all too happy to ridicule the ‘bird brain’ storyon behalf of chickens everywhere!
You don’t get way more motherly than a hen — she’s a heatcuddlesome bundle of affection once it involves her chicks. whereas she can’t spit on a tissue to wipe the dirt off their cheeks — she’s going to fuss over them like there’s no tomorrow, keeping them protected against something that they’re deficient to defend themselves against, like predators or the cold. She’ll home faculty them, too — teaching them the ways in which of chickenhood thus they’ll be as wise as she is once they become old.
We hear cluck, begerk and bokbok — however there’s a great deal a lot of thereto than that. Chooks square measure effectively reprehension one another during a language several people can ne’er perceive (who’s the bird brain now?). Chickens create distinct sounds that may mean something from ‘OMG guys I found some food’ to ‘kids, come back to here wherever I will see you’. Cute fact: a mother hen can begin human activity along with herchicks whereas they’re still within the egg – this manneronce they hatch, they’ll already recognise her voice

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