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Evolution And Classification


The family Leporidae (rabbits and hares) has been comparatively unchanged since the epoch concerning fortymillion years agoneonce its fossil record 1st became well documented. Rabbits had entered North America by that pointand that they underwent most of their development there. By concerning seven million years agone(the Miocene Epoch), that they had become reestablished in Asia and had captive into Europe, that junction rectifier to this distribution.

The family Leporidae is clearly severable from the Ochotonidae (the pikas), the sole different family within theanimal order. Morphologically, rabbits and hares have a additional arched bone related to with development of bounding locomotion and a comparatively upright posture of the pinnaclereinforced hind limbs and hip and elongation of the limbs are evident
The temporal order of rabbit domestication could be a matter of some dialogue. Fossil and archeological records recommend that wild rabbits are sought for meat and furs since the epoch (2.6 million years to eleven,700 years ago). The oldest historical paper of rabbits being unbroken as stock seems within the writings of Roman author and humorist Marcus Terentius scholarly person within the first century BCE. Fossil records and different proofadditionally recommend that rabbits were delivered on ships to many islands within the Mediterranean (such because the Balearic Islands by the fourteenth century BCE, Malta by the third century metallic elementand therefore the islands of the japanese Mediterranean by the center Ages). A comparison of the genomes (the entire set of chromosomes and their genes) of domesticated European rabbits and their wild counterparts in France suggests that the 2 teams became effectively isolated from each other between seventeen,700 and 12,200 years agoneprobably in reference to the retreat of continental ice sheets and mountain glaciers in southwestern Europe throughout nowthe mix of fossil and written records and deoxyribonucleic acid analysis points to rabbit domestication originating someday between the retreat of the ice sheets and therefore the first century BCE in southwestern Europe. Studies recommend that the method of rabbit domestication occurred over tons of if not thousands of years, as a result of it depended upon variety of natural and human-driven factors acting alonginstead of one distinct event. yet, a legend persists—popular tho’ untrue—that European rabbits became domesticated concerning 600 metallic element once monks from southern France bred them for meat as a result ofthe Roman Christian church purportedly allowed the flesh of young rabbits to be consumed throughout season

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