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It is thought that the sheep originated from central Europe and Asia. Today, there ar a minimum of one billion sheep on the world, with business sheep farming most typically found in New Zealand, Australia, components of North America and therefore the uk.
Sheep ar medium-sized carpophagous mammals that graze on grass and berries. Sheep ar chiefly farmed for his or her meat and wool however sheep also are sometimes farmed for his or her milk (although milking sheep is wayrarer than milking goats or cows).

In European country in 2001, there was a deadly disease of the foot and mouth virus which means that thousands of sheep had to be slaughtered. nation sheep population is rising steady yet again and nowadays there ar quitethirty five million sheep within the English rural area.

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There ar nearly one,300 totally different species of sheep throughout the planet with around two hundred of thosesheep being sheep. All sheep species tend to be fairly similar in look however take issue in size and weight looking on the species of sheep. The fleece of the sheep (the sheep’s hair or wool) is one in every of the foremost wideused and customary materials within the world.

The sheep is most closely associated with the goat and though they’re terribly similar, sheep and goats ar 2separate species of animal thus which means that any offspring that a sheep and a goat couple turn out are going to be sterilized therefore sheep and goat hybrids ar terribly rare.

Wild sheep tend to be larger than commercially farmed sheep or sheep and one species of untamed sheep is understood to be around four foot tall, creating the bovid a full foot taller than the typical sized sheepbovid even have for much longer horns that they use to defend themselves and bovid also are best-known to be nicemountain climbers.

Due to their feeder diet, sheep have a fancy systema digestorium that’s product of four chambers, permittingsheep to interrupt down polyose from stems, leaves, and seed hulls into less complicated carbohydrates. The systema digestorium of a sheep is comparable to alternative animals that have a plant-based diet like goats, cervidand cows.

Sheep ar a target prey for several massive carnivorous animals like dogs, wolves and wild cats. so as to do to shield themselves, sheep keep approximate during a flock to form it more durable for predators to kill a lone, unsuspecting sheep. In areas wherever sheep don’t have any natural predators, the sheep ar best-known to not show the flocking characteristics therefore powerfully.

Most sheep species solely breed once a year. Like alternative herd animals, variety of ewes (female sheep) canmate with only one ram (male sheep). Sheep tend to relinquish birth to their lambs within the time of year so the lambs have an extended amount of your time to grow before the cold winter sets in. feminine sheep tend to relinquish birth to at least one lamb and generally twin. Some species of sheep ar best-known to relinquish birth to larger litters and alternative species of sheep also will breed all year spherical instead of only once a year.

Sheep play a crucial half within the agricultural economy round the world. Sheep were one in every of the primaryanimals to be domesticated by humans and sheep ar still very important in manufacturing each wool to stayUnited States of America heat and meat to feed United States of America.


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