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Domestic chickens


Domestic chickens aim look thanks to breed, although they share common traits: squat stature, rounded bodies, dense feathers, wattles of flesh round the face. Adult roosters (males) have distinct combs of red flesh and hanging feather together with flowing tails and glossy, pointed feathers. Roosters may additionally have spurs on their legs that they use in battles with alternative males. With some breeds, a “beard” of feathers is outstandingbeneath the chicken’s face.
Wild chickens ar omnivores, gobbling insects, seeds, lizards and young mice. Domesticated birds ar typically fed easy, balanced diets of feed. Contrary to their name, roosters ar generous once it involves food-the assertivemales could decision to their chickens once he finds food, prompting them to eat initial. (This behavior is seen with hens and their chicks.) whereas wild chickens ar preyed upon by a bunch of predators (most ar incapable of flying quite short distances), their domestic cousins ar protected by their handlers.

Chickens will live a couple of decade, although birds raised for food ar typically slaughtered well before that point. Hens ar best early in their lives, after they will turn out AN egg nearly a day. Chickens ar social animals that boardflocks, among that pecking orders dictates access to food and nesting locations.

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SPECIAL diversifications
Roosters can crow (produce a shrill call) to alert alternative males concerning their territory. Hens can cluck oncegiving birth AN egg and conjointly use this vocalization to assemble their chicks


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