Banks are urging customers to upgrade to a new login system because it is too cumbersome.

Key points: Bank customers can now use a single login to access all their accounts, but the login system still requires users to create a new password every time They are calling for more bank information about the system to be made public and for regulators to review the systemThe Bank of Ireland is taking action to improve its login system, which requires customers to log in to every single bank account.

Key points:The Bank says it wants to improve the system by making it easier to use and to create new passwords each time it is used.

“Banks are taking steps to make the login process as easy as possible for customers to use across the banking system, while maintaining their existing security and privacy protections,” it said in a statement.

It says that in the last few years, the bank has changed its approach to login for all accounts by adding a single password for each account, which it says is less complex than the login for each customer individually.

“We are working with banks and other stakeholders to make this simpler for our customers and ensure that our users can access their accounts in a more secure, timely and seamless manner,” it added.

The Bank also says it has already changed its system for users of mobile phones to make it easier for them to login to their accounts.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our customer service and our overall user experience, we have introduced a number of new features for customers, including the introduction of a single-use login to all mobile phone banking accounts,” the bank said.

Banks can now add a single credit card to a bank account, it says, which is now also the case for bank accounts that have been created.

But the bank is calling for the government to make changes to the system and says it needs more information about it.

“This system requires an additional security check from banks to make sure that a user is not accessing any information from accounts they have created or that have not been opened for more than a few days,” it says.

“With the addition of a login and account for every account, there is no easy way for customers or anyone else to see which accounts have been accessed, whether they have been opened or not.”

The Bank said it will work with regulators to improve access to the bank login system and to make further changes.

The Irish Banking Association said it has asked the Bank of England to review its login and password system.

“The BAI urges the Bank to make an assessment of the complexity of the system in order to ensure it is secure, and to take further action to ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible,” the organisation said.

It said it wants more details on the system so it can make a recommendation to the Bank.

It also called on the Bank “to consider making the login and accounts system more user-centric and transparent”.