Fintek, a $1 billion global payments company, has received an exclusive review by The Globe and Mail of its loans from lenders including Bank of America, TD Ameritrade, Citi and Bank of Nova Scotia.

The review is the first time Fintegra has received a loan review from an accredited bank.

Finteks loan is secured by the Finted Asset, a company that provides lending services for small and medium-sized businesses.

It has received $5.5 million from Bank of Ameritrades loan guarantee program, and another $1.5 billion from Bank Of Nova Scotia loan guarantee programs.

Finaq said it expects the loan review to help accelerate the growth of its business and provide Finteks customers with loan assistance for their business.

“The review will help our customers identify the right lenders for their businesses,” Finteq said in a statement.

“It will also enable Finteflcs lenders to provide more flexible loan options for our customers.”

Finteco is one of several companies to receive a loan from Fintenbate, the global payments and payments infrastructure company that has been the subject of a number of regulatory and regulatory investigations by regulators.

Finiks first loan review came as it announced it had secured a $2.5-billion loan from Citibank, the nation’s second-largest lender.

Citibanks loan is backed by its investment portfolio.

Fink has said it will use the review to offer loan assistance to customers who use the platform to make payments on their home mortgages.

The Finteee company also has said that it is working on a series of new loans.

“We will soon announce more details about our loan program, including our loan terms, the duration of the loan, and whether we will extend the term or the interest rate,” Fink said in its statement.