Credit Suisse said Monday that it’s launching a new tool to help consumers compare the value for loans on the Bureau of Consumer Financial Services’ (BCFS) commercial loan calculators.

The bureau’s new calculator, which is available on its website, will help consumers “gather data on the value, interest rate and loan duration” of their loans, according to a statement released by the firm.

The new tool allows consumers to input “any interest rate they wish” and “interest rate types” and the calculator will then provide a comparison of the interest rates they paid on the same type of loan over the course of a year, the firm said.

The tool is being introduced to help the bureau “better understand the complexity of the commercial loan market” and help “solve problems that arise in the marketplace,” the firm added.

Credit Suisse and other lenders have long complained that the commercial lending market is being flooded with loans with high interest rates.

The bank said Monday it was adding to its tool to show how consumers can compare the interest rate of a particular loan to a similar type of commercial loan and the interest payment on the loan.

The tool will be available to consumers from March 15.

The government has been looking at ways to make commercial lending more affordable, such as limiting loan types, allowing people to refinance their loans at lower rates and allowing them to set up their own loan repayment plans.

It also announced that it will be rolling out new consumer protections that will require some borrowers to repay their loans as soon as the borrower pays the full amount, such that lenders are not able to add interest to those repayments.

The BCS, meanwhile, has been investigating ways to increase the rate of return for borrowers who take on a home equity line of credit.

The bureau said it was also reviewing the possibility of offering incentives for people to purchase homes through private equity firms.