Hyundai’s next-generation crossover, the Kia Kia Sportage, will launch in Australia on July 10, according to the South Korean automaker.

The Kia’s debut will coincide with the start of the Australian summer, and the car’s launch comes a week before the end of the month.

The car will be sold in Australia at the Hyundai Aussie Touring Show, the first-ever Hyundai Australia show, from August 3-7.

The Hyundai AUS launch will be the first time Kia has introduced a new hybrid vehicle, and it marks the company’s first global rollout of a new car model in Australia.

Hyundai says it’s working closely with Australian automotive brands on its new vehicles.

The Korean automaking giant said it will use the AUS show to show its latest hybrid model, the Optima Kia S, which will offer buyers an upgraded version of the Kias sporty styling.

Kia will be offering the new Optima S in both the standard and the sporty versions, as well as an all-wheel drive version.

The new car will offer a base price of AU$33,300 ($38,500) with a price tag of AU $45,900 ($55,000).

Hyundai says its Optima Hybrid will be available in the US beginning in the second half of next year, and is aiming to roll out in the next six months.

The company also confirmed a new plug-in hybrid car, the Hyundai EV, will be launching in Australia this summer.

Hyundai is working on a second generation of the Sportage sedan, which would offer a range of fuel-efficient and sporty features, such as an electric drivetrain and power-saver features.

The next-gen Kia model will be called the Kicci, and will offer the same sporty, low-slung styling as the Sportages sedan, but with a slightly more spacious interior.

Kias new hybrid will also be available with a range-topping six-cylinder engine, and a turbocharged version of its 1.4-liter four-cylile.

Hyundai’s second-generation Kia sedan will offer more performance and range options than the first, including a rear-wheel-drive option.

Hyundai said its new Kia sports car will also feature a “hybrid” engine, which has the same power as the petrol-electric hybrid Kia Veloster, but offers more range, fuel efficiency, and other improvements.