Liza Minelli has received an unexpected $80 of cash for getting her daughter to college.

“I don.t want to become a victim of my kid getting an advance loan,” the actress tells ET on the red carpet of the premiere of the new Netflix series “Molly’s Rules.”

“I just want to go out there and be successful and have a life that I want.”

Molly’s Rules stars Molly Bloom, a self-proclaimed “money-lover” who’s always looking for a way to “buy her way out of debt.”

It’s an intriguing concept for Minelli and the cast, who play Molly’s parents and siblings.

“They all get to feel like they’re part of the family,” she says of her characters.

“It’s something we’ve never done in our family.

They’re so much more real than the money.”

Molly Bloom is on a $90,000 cash advance loan from her mom.

Molly Bloom and her parents have an interesting relationship.

Molly’s mom is the financial planner of the household.

She is also a writer and writer-director, as Molly’s older sister.

The family is also heavily involved in the arts.

Molly says her mom “really helps me through a lot of times.”

Molly tells ET that she “just wants to make it to the next stage in my life, which is to get my daughter a college education and start my career.”

Molly says she was a “little bit worried” when she learned her parents had an $85,000 credit card on file with the federal government.

“She gave me that card for free and I thought it was just kind of a scam,” Molly says of the loan.

“But it turns out it was.

It’s not just money, it’s her name, too.”

Molly is now in college and looking to get a degree in film and video.

She also says she hopes to have a “real job” someday.

“We’ve been able to make this family work,” Molly told ET.

“If we could just stay focused on making this work, it would be worth it.”

Molly said her family was not surprised by her decision to get the loan from a financial adviser.

“My mom and dad always said if you can’t make it, take the money and run,” Molly said.

“And that’s what I’m going to do.”

Molly and her family have an unexpected cash advance.

Molly, who is in her second year of college, is one of many students who have had an unexpected advance loan.

Many young people don’t know the difference between an advance and a loan.

For those with no credit history, an advance is a loan made to a financial institution that helps you pay off debt, like a mortgage, credit card, or car loan.

An advance is generally available for people with income up to $125,000 a year.

Molly told us she hopes her story helps other students “know what it means to be financially independent.”

Molly, 31, has been working on a new film for a year and a half, and she recently began taking classes at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“What I’m looking for in this movie is a lot more than just a paycheck,” Molly tells us.

“The movie is about people’s relationships with money.

I’m really interested in the stories behind what people feel is important to them in their lives, and how they feel when they’re working on that story.”

Molly recently completed a year of community college and plans to pursue a degree.

“A lot of people don.’t know how important it is to take a debt-free, credit-free education,” Molly explains.

“When I go back to school I don’t need a degree because I have money.

It will come later.”

Molly has a number of other financial challenges that she’s facing.

She says her “biggest challenge” is that she and her two siblings are now “working a full-time job,” and that’s a lot to handle for a family of four.

“With so much debt, we’ve got to make sure we’re always working, we’re never at home,” Molly adds.

“As far as my career, I just want my career to continue to go up.

I’ve been working as a writer, producer, and director.

I just need to be able to have my career go on.”

Molly also recently launched a blog and a Facebook page called “The Financial Diary,” where she’s sharing personal financial information about herself and other students.

Molly is in the midst of starting a graduate program in film production.

Molly has been studying film for several years, but she says she’s “not really focused on any specific career path right now.”

“Right now, I’m just focused on getting my daughter to the degree,” Molly admits.

“That’s the main goal right now.

I want her to graduate.”

Molly wants her daughter Molly Bloom to have an “unexpected