A wave of new Sallies loans has left borrowers feeling the pinch.

As of last week, borrowers with credit card debt of up to $10,000 have been able to get loans up to 2.5 per cent cheaper than if they had used Sallis lender.

And borrowers are starting to feel the effects.

In July, Sallia Mae borrowers who had debt of $20,000 to $40,000 were seeing rates cut by up to 25 per cent.

That’s because Salliams loan modification program allowed borrowers with more than $30,000 in outstanding loans to pay off their loans, and pay down their debts.

So now, borrowers can get loans with rates of up.5 to 6 per cent lower than before.

But the borrowers who have borrowed from the lender are also finding it harder to afford the loans they need.

While they can save up to 40 per cent on the monthly payments, some are finding it difficult to pay back their loan because they’re taking on more debt to make up the difference.

The latest data from the Federal Reserve shows borrowers with a $20 million or more debt are still having trouble paying back loans they took out in the last 12 months.

A recent survey from Credit Karma showed borrowers with debt of more than three million were the hardest hit by the increase.

Credit Karma said borrowers were seeing a 20 per cent increase in the amount they have to pay each month.

Rates for credit card loans are expected to fall further, according to the US Federal Reserve.

More than half of Salliance borrowers had debts of $50,000 or more when the program started.

Now, many are looking to get out of Sallahay Mae, which was one of the first to offer the loans in 2014.

It’s now worth about $10 million to Salliedamas borrowers, according a study by Credit Karma.

SallieMae now has a total of about 20,000 loans.

Some of the loans, like the one for $100,000, are now paying off, while others are not.

This latest round of credit cards is one of several borrowers who are now facing the hardest of times.

“The impact is going to be felt in a variety of ways, and it’s going to impact a lot of people,” said Chris Epps, president of the Federal Credit Union Association, which represents many borrowers.

People are getting more debt for less money.

“Sally Lohman, a spokesperson for Sallianet, the lender, says the new Sallahie Mae loans are good news.”

Sallies credit modification program is helping to help our customers pay off debts that they already owe.

In fact, our customers are making more than 70 per cent of their monthly payments on SallaheyMae,” Lohmann said in a statement.

Lohman says borrowers are now more able to afford to borrow from the company because the new loans are less risky.

If a borrower is having trouble getting the loan they need, they can request a loan modification, and Salli Mae will work with them to make that happen.”

We have more borrowers with outstanding balances and we’re seeing some more borrowers coming in to the program to request a modification.

“Our new loan modifications have helped to lower rates on loans with less debt.

We’re seeing that we’re lowering rates for borrowers with the most outstanding debt,” LOHMAN said.

Many borrowers are also starting to take on debt to help cover the cost of the new loan.

Even with lower rates, loans are still costing borrowers more than what they could get through Sallaides credit card programs.

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission fined Salliante $15,000 for failing to inform borrowers about the $15 per $100 loan modification.

Since the new credit card offers came into effect, Sallahite has reported that it has reduced loan delinquencies by more than 80 per cent compared to previous years.