— For some students, the first step to making payments on their loans is navigating a system that can be confusing and time-consuming.

In some cases, borrowers may be forced to wait weeks or months for their loans to clear before they can start making payments.

For others, a loan servicers’ office is closed and borrowers can’t even begin making payments online, even if they are eligible.

“We have students who want to make payments but we don’t know where to go,” said Mary Ann McQuillan, who owns McQuills Lending Services, which provides loans for about 2,400 students.

“If we can’t figure out where to take them, it puts them at risk of not making the payments they need to make.”

For some students who can’t make the payments on time, they have two options.

They can go to the Department of Education’s Online Assistance program, which can be a daunting process for many borrowers.

Some borrowers are left in limbo as they wait for the process to clear.

Other borrowers, however, have access to a streamlined system called EnrollNow, which is designed to help borrowers navigate the loan servicing process.

Enroll Now allows borrowers to apply for a loan, submit a repayment plan and then apply for financial aid, as well as have the payments processed within 24 hours.

“EnrollNow is the best solution for borrowers who are unable to access financial aid,” said Amy Toms, an Enroll now spokesperson.

“We are able to make the financial aid payments within 24-hours.

It’s a quicker and simpler process than going to a traditional loan servicer.”

To get the best deal on Enrollnow, borrowers have to pay for it by credit card.

Enrollment in EnrollNOW is free and Enroll is available for students who are eligible to receive financial aid.

The first time a student is enrolled in EnrolNow, they receive a monthly check that is equal to their monthly payment.

They are also required to pay off the balance of their Enroll account within 30 days of being enrolled in the program.

The payments are processed online through Enroll, but the process can be slow for some borrowers.

“I have had people who haven’t taken Enroll for months or even years, and I just didn’t know what to do with them,” McQuILLAN said.

“They would not be able to get through the process.

I just had to give up and put them through Enrol.”

One student whose Enroll has been delayed for months and whose Enrol is still incomplete is Eileen Dickey.

She said that her Enroll status had not been updated for months.

“They just stopped taking my payments,” she said.

Dickey, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, said that she enrolled in a $40,000 loan in April and is currently in default on the balance.

She applied for Enroll but was turned down.

“The Enroll system doesn’t know anything about me,” Dickey said.

“It doesn’t give me a chance to really understand what is going on,” she added.

Dicky’s application was rejected and her Enrol account was frozen.

She is also unable to contact her loan servicers to update her Enamp account.

“A lot of people are still waiting,” McQUILLAN added.

“You have to wait for Enamp to be updated, because the process is so slow.”

Other borrowers have been unable to update their Enamp accounts in time.

In fact, a former Enroll student, who asked to remain anonymous, said she recently was denied Enroll.

“You can’t access your account online,” the former student said.

Instead, the student used the Enroll app to send money to her former loan servier.

“All they are really concerned about is their customers, and their customers are not very happy,” the student said, noting that Enroll currently is the only app that can help students update their accounts.

The Department of the Treasury, which oversees EnrollNext, declined to comment on Enamp.

The department does not have an official position on EnrollmentNow.