The following is a list of five teams that should have the most debt to win a championship: Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Memphis Grizzlies, Brooklyn Nets, and Utah Jazz.

The Rockets, who have already finished with the league’s most debt, will need to be even more aggressive to win the NBA title.

If they’re going to have a chance at winning it, they’ll need to add some more players and sign free agents, which is the biggest risk on this list.

Teams that should be spending more money include: Oklahoma City, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Atlanta Hawks.

Miami Heat and Golden State will need the most help to win it.

They have the best chance of winning it by adding players to their team, signing free agents and winning championships.

Houston will also have to deal with the potential loss of All-Star guard Dwyane Wade, who is expected to sign with the Miami Heat.

Wade has been an integral part of the team’s success since joining the team in 2009.

Memphis Grizzlies, the team that finished in last place in the Western Conference last season, should be a contender if they can sign a top-tier free agent, but if they’re still in the mix, it won’t be easy.

Utah Jazz, which finished in second place in 2016-17, are a team that is very likely to go to the conference finals, but they’ll have to make some hard decisions to keep winning.

Brooklyn Nets will need a lot of help to be competitive with the top teams in the East.

They’ll have the chance to sign big free agents that will help them win the conference.

Chicago Bulls have a lot to play for this season.

They’ve won nine of their last 10, and they have the second-best record in the Eastern Conference.

They should be able to sign an All-NBA player, but losing star Jimmy Butler to the Bulls is a huge risk for them.

Los Angeles Clippers should have a good chance to win another title, but it will take a lot for them to reach the conference semifinals.

The Clippers have the third-best payroll in the league, but this is a team they should be confident about winning.

They can sign free agent big man Matt Barnes and add some veteran talent to the roster, but that will require some big investments.

Phoenix Suns could make a run at another championship if they sign the best free agent to ever sign a big-name player.

However, if they want to keep it competitive, they will need some help from outside the league.

The team is led by former NBA MVP Blake Griffin, who has been a great addition to the team.

Minnesota Timberwolves will have a tough decision to make on how they spend money.

The Timberwolves could have a great chance to make the playoffs, but the question will be whether they want a lot more money or if they need to focus on building around their core players and making sure they have a team to win.

Indiana Pacers should have no problem winning another championship with the additions of Paul George and Lance Stephenson.

George is the league leader in assists and assists per game, and Stephenson is a superstar who is a leader in the locker room.

They’re both under contract through the 2020-21 season.

Mavericks should have another big offseason.

The Pacers should be focused on winning the West again, which would be a major boost to their financial situation.

They will need their star point guard, LaMarcus Aldridge, to be healthy.

They won’t have to sign Aldridge to a long-term deal, and he could play out the season in the NBA D-League.

Atlanta Hawks will have to be patient, and it will be difficult to make any bold moves this offseason.

They need to sign free-agent center Al Horford, but he’s a restricted free agent.

They also have a huge problem on the wings. 

With no franchise player in the frontcourt, they have to find a way to add someone who can win a title.

They might be able find one through the draft, but will it be enough?

San Antonio Spurs need to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan have to return, but neither can play this season due to injuries.

They don’t have a long history of success, and this could be a team of last-place teams trying to survive.

Boston Celtics need to have more of a role player.

Boston signed Goran Dragic, who can play in the top-four.

They may not be able win a major championship this season, but Dragic is a player that can win games in the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers should have one of the best seasons in the entire league, and with the right addition to their roster, they could be one of those teams that could