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We offer a wide range of articles that include topics including cuisine, recipes, travel, adventure, international cultures, and travel written from the point of view of a local. These articles include travel writing and first-person narratives, as well as interviews with seasoned travelers and owners of small companies, travel reviews, and other information associated with this topic. The information that can be found on our website in several categories, including example guest posts, is available to authors who are interested in submitting a story to our magazine. We welcome these authors to check over our material.

The most straightforward approach to submitting a story is to write an email outlining the recommended piece, in which you should include any relevant information about your area of expertise if the article is going to be based on that or a description of your own experience. If the article is going to be based on this, then the email has to additionally provide a summary of your experience. Longer articles are broken up into little paragraphs, and there are subheads between every few paragraphs. Additionally, any images that are included in the post will have complete captions. The standard range for the number of words in an article is somewhere between 500 and 1500. In each issue of the Travels with Aguidetravel.Com monthly e-newsletter, Aguidetravel.Com will select a few of his favorite travel stories to share with readers.

The author’s name will be attached to all of the author’s published works, and this credit may be accompanied by a brief biography of the author as well as linkages to the author’s various websites and social media profiles. The writers retain ownership of the copyright; however, we do ask for first publishing rights for a period of up to sixty days after the item is originally published on Aguidetravel.Com-Newman.com. This period begins on the day of publication. The authors are the ones who possess the copyright to their work.

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